Ceramics Meeting 10/4 at 6:30 Agenda

Hello Ceramics,

Agenda items I have for October’s monthly meeting.

Update on:
Lights - Justin is working on a solution for us
Tool Cabinet - Sonya to update
Glaze Rack Solution - will follow up with Burt

Kiln Team guidelines - reminder

Candidates for Chair - Announce your candidacy

Dip glazes - Anna to update on clear
Monika will provide her buckets.
Do we want a white liner glaze as well?

Issue of missing and broken items:
Signs posted in the space - do we need/want these?
How we address folks touching other makers pieces
Monika is following up with the BOD on camera access/review

Vote: Charging for clay in our classes

Vote: Sonya to present information on spray glazing booth, location, footprint, etc…

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Thanks, Monika

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Ceramics Meeting tonight!

Please come join us.

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