Ceramics Kiln news May - 2021

Glaze unloaded, come get your lovelies.

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Thank you!

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20210502_133243 This glaze color is absolutely gorgeous! Does anyone know what it is, and if it’s a community or personal one?

It’s a guess but I’d say Amaco Cherry Blossom

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Bisque unloading

Hey, my bowls seem to be missing. Did anyone take them by accident?

the red one and the drippy one

Nevermind, apparently someone else has good taste and those weren’t mine lol. Mine are still in the kiln

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I think it is the Amaco Weeping Plum… The Cherry Blossom is probably the other very pale pink bowl like it as Cherry Blossom burns out almost completely at cone 6…

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Lol thanks those are mine. You scared me for a min I had to make sure they where mine after all!!!


Unloaded glaze from 1027, not enough on shelves for a new load yet.


Really liked this pair, the tea dust on blue clay is an interesting combo - blue kinda peeks through the glaze.


Glaze unloaded

Ceramics Folks;
There is a lot on the bisque shelves that had too much moisture to load (was too wet to load safely). In case you are wondering why your piece has not been bisque fired :slight_smile: it needed to dry a bit more :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Whoever has been making all the pumpkins, I love them so much!

That’s me! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Unloaded the luster, good looking stuff!


Anybody know what happened to my rumps? The two little butt figurines with legs? They came out of the kiln from their final firing in April and I wasn’t able to get them right away and now they’ve vanished. Silly as they are, they’re special to me and took a long time to get just right.

Oh, man, those are funny.
Looks like they were unloaded on March 11,
saw them on the shelves for a long time,
did not have a name though:(
After a month items are considered abandoned,
and may be taken away to make room for new work,
our shelves constantly fill up.

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you might check purgatory but after that long they are probably gone

Purgatory is for general storage. Ceramics has a semi-firm 30 day rule. We tend to be a little lax about enforcing it, but it’s pretty much straight to the dumpster from there.

Or – so it used to be.