Ceramics Kiln News - March 2020

Bisque is out and shelves are full
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Cones in Gatsby ran perfectly
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Is the current firing schedule online anywhere by chance? If not, what’s our current frequency for bisque and glaze each week?

We have been running one to two of each a week. When the shelves are full we run a kiln.

Unloaded the glaze.

Might I ask a question? Why are some of the shelves missing, or not have pieces on them? I keep wondering about that in previous unloads also. Just wondering.

Sometimes you can put 2 layers on one side in the same amount of space that two layers fit in on the other side.

Shelves of short stuff next to the opening for the tall stuff…

April looks like to me someone didn’t want their stuff pictured. there are 2 full shelve with no items on them pictured. They are not the shelves that are full of stuff. It looks like the items were removed before the pic was taken.

Or sometimes the person(s) unloading gets excited and forgets to take all of the shelf pictures or your phone didn’t actually snap the pic when you thought.

The process is to take pics of all the shelves but sometimes mistakes are made for no other reason than an oops :grimacing:


Sending you a pm

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I just forgot to photograph each shelf. I’ll make sure to do better next time.

Glaze unloaded come pick up ya wares

Note: unique underglazes from trying have been vitrifying so let’s avoid putting them on the bottom of the foot.


Bisque unloaded. Please come get your pieces, we are overflowing again.

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@amy_er your reclaimed clay made it through 04

Ahoy, more bisque!


Unloaded a glaze!


Glaze unloaded


Bisque unloaded and the shelves are overflowing, please come get your items.

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Have you made any plans with what to do with all the stuff on the shelves since people might be quarantined right now and unable to pick their pieces up? Is there a storage area we can grab to put some of the pieces?

That might be why every is overflowing. I think it’s only going to get worse. Other than classes, I’ll be sure not to make any new pieces unless I know I can pick them up as soon as they’re done.

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Can we tell all people NOT to bring anything else in

Also…if we are closing shop…can we ask those people who have wheels at home…to not bring in their hoard of vessels in when we do open back up. It is not fair to the rest of the ceramic makers.

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