Ceramics Kiln News - December 2020

Bisque unloaded…be aware that the kiln did not reach a full 04 bisque.

Thank you! Can you explain what impact that may mean for our pieces for the glaze firing?


Here is a good article that explains bisque firing temps and why. The short story is that if you do not reach a high enough temp, the piece could suffer from faultd during the glaze fire. Pitting, crawling and poor color performance are the most common. You could roll the dice, or if it is particularly precious, you could fire it again.


Would this negatively affect a piece that was intended for raku? One of my pieces was is in this batch, and I may have the opportunity to raku it

Here’s my take – I don’t think that’ll affect raku. All the potentially odd things that might happen will be counteracted by the really odd things that are raku. I know we did a raku event way back when we routinely fired bisque to Cone 05, and those came through fine.

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Well I went ahead and did it, and here are the results! I’m glad I took a leap of faith and did the raku, I really love the results


Ooo, that side view is really sweet.



Shelf is cleaned up. Needs new wash if we are keeping it in rotation. One of the warped ones.

Thank you for doing that!

12/11/20 Glaze kiln unloaded

I unloaded the glaze kiln this morning. Having difficulty getting the photos to upload. I’ll keep at it.

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12/11/20. Glaze unloaded


To whoever’s froggy that is, what red did you use?

Bisque unloaded


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I think that is a class piece - believe they used red underglaze.

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I couldn’t find any mention of pulling cones, or propping the lid to cool off quicker? ( changes )

Is this allowed now, did we vote on it? Is it documented somewhere for reference? This was from the other morning. Not me.

Only allowed below 100 degrees, it’s in the wiki documentation.

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Please see wiki, Firing Team Guidelines.

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Right, but we unload under 100. Hence no reason to vent, or pull cones? Which is why I asked the question.

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Is that kiln loaded with work still? And your picture does not show temp. Just curious what is the temp?