Ceramics In-Progress Shelf Caution

I know these sorts of posts rarely get seen by those that need the heads up but I feel compelled to post a reminder to please use care when placing your pieces on the shelves. Luckily one of these is just a drip tray to catch run-off glaze and is still usable but I had to scrap the other. I know we are pressed for space, but easy does it! :slight_smile:

If you nick a piece by accident, most folks will understand, just at least leave them a note with a ‘Sorry, my bad!’.

This one got bumped a couple weeks ago but I’m kinda digging the unplanned ‘grip point’.


Nice reminder Chris…thank you for posting. Sorry this happened to ya though :frowning:

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Thanks for the post and not sounding the over reaction horn. Working in a mixed shop these things happen all the time. A small message of apology goes a long way to soften the hurt. In college we also placed our green ware racks as far from the general walking path as possible to also lessen the instances of this. maybe in the rearrangement of the ceramics area, we can do some of the same to keep our pieces in their most delicate state away from as much traffic as possible. Especially, separating them from bisque and finished ware.

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The difficulty is that we’ve grown so much that our expanded in-progress shelves are still inadequate. And these just show that some folks are so eager to squeeze their piece in that they’re damaged other people’s work. I’m considered making a little box so that my delicate stuff isn’t broken virtually every time I come back to work on it.