Ceramics Expansion Team: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED


The Expansion Team has asked for a designated team within each Committee to facilitate the move into the space next door. If you are interested in being a part of this group within Ceramics please send me a personal message. We will need to schedule a meeting this coming month to create some sort of action plan. Ceramics will be one of the first committees to move and we need to act fast! Thank you in advance for your help and contribution to make our move into our new home next door be as organized and as efficient as possible!


Do you have a timeframe (specifically before or after 1Jan)? The holidays may affect availability…


In tonight’s committee meeting, we have been asked to get a written plan on paper. The work will be in Jan. No date given yet.


I can’t speak for when Ceramics is doing their planning, but I can guarantee we’re not moving before the first of the year!