Ceramics Dip Glazes Class Sept. 8

Hey pottery folks, I just submitted a dip glaze class that will appear on the calendar for sign up in three days. It is scheduled for Sunday, September 8 @ 2pm. Cost: $10 for glaze.

This class will clear you to use DMS owned dip glazes moving forward, teach you how to prepare dry glazes (this can significantly reduce your costs!), and give you the opportunity to try out some groovy ‘effects’ type glazes.

I wanted to give a heads up so you can start tucking aside bisque pieces or get a quick start on making a few new things to try out. Some of the glazes work better on whiter clay bodies and some can benefit from extra iron in the darker ones. If there is something in particular you are interested in, let me know and I can steer you in the right direction! I’ll post up a few photos as test pieces come out of the kiln.

Jen’s Juicy Fruit: fluxes and runs well when layered
John’s Straw Ash: fake ash glaze for C6
Reticulated: matte black that crawls well (if you want to use this one I recommend underglazing your greenware before bisque
Panama Red: one dip-celadonesque green-blue, two dip or over deep texture-bruisey red/purple
Copper Red: we’ll be mixing and testing this one!

In general, please limit pot sizes to sub 8”x8”. We will keep going until we run out of glaze so feel free to bring multiple pieces. If you have something larger you would like to glaze, contact me and we can work something out!