Ceramics Dip Glaze Tests

Here are some test fires of a few of the ‘special effects’ glazes for the upcoming (full) Dip Glaze class. Wanted to put them up in advance so those signed up can start groovy ideas percolating around in their heads.

Reticulated White:

w/blue underglaze applied to greenware, bisqued, then glazed

on dark clay body

Pinnel’s Strontium Matte:

Panama Red:

bad test, but learned one dip celadon blue, two dips/thick purple-red

John’s Straw Ash:

it’s a runner, will need to apply thinner, but a pretty good ‘ash vibe’

Jen’s Juicy Fruit:

various effect/color depending on layered glaze chemistry

Thanks to those who took a dip in my questionable glazes to help test. If y’all have other photos handy, please share!
@TecumsehsRevenge, @Liamluu, @Monikat


All have turned out alsums! Can’t wait for the event. Thanks for doing this :hugs::pray:t3:


My test of Panama Red on Tmix.


Is it that splotched and drippy naturally? Or did you drip it on like that?

I dropped extra on the rim so it created the darker red areas

Looks like I need to get in and make some things so that’s one of the times you’re having this class I can go buy some things I love that ass place

Looks great!

Is it just me or does the Pinnel’s Strontium Matte look like Art Deco Green?

Except in the pic it looks like that speckle might be more reddish, whereas Art Deco Green has more of a gray/black speckle.

Although – while the PC’s are supposed to be copying Cone 10 glazes, it’s possible that Art Deco Green is a didn’t-quite-make-it copy of a Strontium glaze…

For instance, I think that Indigo Float hit the creamy blue of rutile MUCH better than Blue Rutile. However, rutile doesn’t do that green break, so they had to name it something else.