Ceramics Committee Meeting for July

Our next ceramics committee meeting is scheduled for July 2nd. This is a holiday week because of July 4.

For those who normally attend the ceramics committee meeting would you rather keep it on July 2nd or move it to the following Tuesday, July 9th.

I am available both days.

I vote to stick with July 2nd. I don’t see July 4th as a “traveling holiday” so much, so we shouldn’t interfere too much with holiday plans.

I am traveling that week. If it gets moved that would be great. However I can call in as well.

I was looking around for a squirt bottle that worked, and it would appear that we need more. The 2 I could find don’t really work anymore. One squirt, and then it takes a while to recover. The 3rd bottle smells like something has been added to the water. Without knowing what that is, I don’t want to dilute glaze with it. Or spray it on my clay, either.

I know that you had originally asked that we cut down the number of PC glazes to 30. While there was an outcry that we needed more, as I look at the various greens, it does seem that we have quite a few colors that are really close to each other. A lot of minor variations on grey/green/beige. I’ll pull them for the meeting and let folks vote on their favorites. For the record, that doesn’t include Seaweed, Dark Green, True Celadon, and Verte Lustre. (And we’ve already trimmed down the green Celadons.)

Either is fine

I prefer the 9th.

Either is currently fine for me.


I will pick up the bottles this week.

I am picking up personal glazing supplies this week at Trinity if any need anything.

I am good with what the committee decides on number of glazes. (I am working on building my selection at home.) But, I have heard people frustrated because of the lack of clays available at the space.


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I’m fine with either.