Ceramics Committee Agenda for 7.6.21

  1. Tshirt update (pending)
  2. Open items
    a. Dipping Glaze (Michael) @wizlog
    i. Updates
    ii. Run tests on various clay bodies
    iii. Glaze Training class
    b. Vote on new kiln elements (could take 1-1/2 weeks to arrive) Kiln 1222 down for another 2 weeks.
  3. Special Firing request for July/August
  4. Praise for potters
  5. Grocery list –
    Upcoming events/News
    June Special Firings …….(TBD)
    Next Committee meeting: Tues. August 3rd at 6:30pm
    Can’t make it in person?
    Or dial: (US) +1 727-502-6481
    PIN: 708 802 187#

I’d like to add to the discussions:

North warehouse sink discussion/cautions.

Apron discussion.

Also, and this may be something we can just do, rather than vote – looks like we need a couple of glazes which aren’t in the cabinet as re-stock.

Are we using Mixing Clear as the clear that we buy?

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The last time I was there the clear was out so I purchased a mixing clear as a replacement based on a recommendation from Trinity. It is fairly full and on the shelf so I did not purchase again when I went last week.

Which glazes do you think we need? There are a couple that Trinity has been out of and I was going to order from elsewhere, i.e. snow, ancient jasper and another 1 or 2 that I’ll need my list to confirm

I think we’ve got Snow in the cabinet. Or a mostly full bottle on the shelf…

There was a list on the whiteboard. Ancient Jasper is pretty useful, and that’s on the list. I haven’t double-checked all of them. 3-4 Celadons, mostly. I was asking about the clear because someone (RJ??) wanted “clear gloss”, and didn’t catch that we’re using Mixing Clear. Although, it looks like it’ll take most of our bottle to glaze all the bisque that’s on that board.

The “Glaze Request” white board has items we don’t normally stock as well as a couple we couldn’t get.

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All, I’ll be leading the meeting from home this evening so please remember to log in virtually.

Or dial: (US) +1 727-502-6481
PIN: 708 802 187#

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We will miss the virtual meeting. Enjoy!

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@wizlog please provide your Dip glaze mix update here or via meeting tonight.

Hi Amanda,

Will join the meeting to discuss.

Thank you,