Ceramics Committee Agenda for 10.5.21

  1. Tshirts
  2. Special Firing request for Sept/Oct
    3)Praise for potters
    4)Grocery list–
    Upcoming events/News
    Nov. Special Firings …….(TBD)

Next Committee meeting: Tues. Nov. 2nd at 6:30pm

Can’t make it in person?

Or dial: (US) +1 727-502-6481
PIN: 708 802 187#

Gentle reminder: I have really enjoyed my time with DMS Ceramics but I will not be running again for Chair. Please consider running. :slight_smile:


Adding to the agenda:

Glazing 1/4 rule: Should we enforce this rule or get rid of rule?

Reason: have noticed some potters glazing all the way to the very edge of piece, putting said piece on “dms cookies”, and placing them on the shelving to be fired.

But then other members pieces are placed up on the timeout shelf because their glaze was to close to the edge.

Note: this rule does not affect those who make and use their own cookies :+1:

Checked the diagnostic on the 1027 yesterday since the cones were low (05, the program is set for 04) even with a 12 minute hold. Also noticed the last firing was 16 hours, seems excessive. Went to check the extended kiln link for the firing history, but looks like the one year period ran out. So a couple of things for the meeting. When were the elements on the 1027 replaced last? May have been 100+ firings ago. Is the 1027 due for new elements? Do we want to get the extended kiln link for an additional year? (It was helpful for seeing the history when deciding to get new elements on the 1222).

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All, I’ve got a HUGE work project due for tomorrow so I will be leading the meeting from home. Feel free to join me on Google meet- the link is posted above and also in the calendar invite.

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We will not be able to do the google meet.

Can you call in? Or dial: (US) +1 727-502-6481
PIN: 708 802 187#

Are there any meeting minutes? I may be blind, I wasn’t able to find in Wiki.