Ceramic surgery - cry for help!

Tragedy just occurred :cry:

My octopus survived bisque and glaze, and was all pretty and ready for the lustre class on Friday - and then I dropped her :scream:

It’s a clean break, thankfully.

So… am I better off doing the lustre firing as-is and then gluing her after? Or is there a way I can glue her that won’t go wonky in the kiln?

Either way, what’s the best way to glue this?

Help a girl out please :blue_heart:

Aw:( Wouldn’t glue before to avoid toxic gasses in the firing, so would lustre first, then glue. E6000 works well on glass, not sure if there are any better glues for this purpose?

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The luster fire is so low that the glaze isn’t going to become sticky. I’d do the luster like you want it, fire it, and then glue it with super-glue, or E6000, or one of the Gorilla glues.


Just remember that Gorilla Glue is NOT meant for your hair or any body part! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’d be careful about gorilla glue; not because of hair, but because the original gorilla glue doesn’t tack together easily, and also bubbles out of the join. If your just trying to permanently glue a screwdriver to a brick and it doesn’t need to be a thing of beauty, it’s fine.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a gorilla glue type that isn’t perfect; just saying don’t just grab any old glue off the shelf and expect it to be what you want.

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Honestly at school we use trusty alenes tacky glue and we cheat with good ol fashioned water putty yes water putty - the cheap stuff that everyone used 40 years ago - and top it off with a fun paint job to “disguise” and enhance. No matter what you do or how delicate you go it’s going to look altered/broken so why not put a broken leg cast on it…go for a humor route…or make a metal gear leg…steampunk it out or just slap it with some sculpted fish and make it look like it’s eating or catch it in a net or have it shoot out lasers.

Honest to goodness breakage has lead to some wonderful alterations with my kids. One girl had a head explode and made it into this whole Chicano pride thing it was awesome…she a scholarship with it.

Side note:
Bisque fix works wonderfully but you’re beyond that now (for school it get’s expensive with 60+ kids so it’s a rare use but for personal works I would recommend)
I’m also fond of a quick vinegar-heavy paper clay fix pre-kiln. AKA slip with some school toilet paper slopped with some vinegar - Oldie goodie easy peasy elementary teacher taught me that one.


E6000 glue avail any hardware store and at Jo Anns etc

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I ended up using superglue (gel, not liquid) after she and her arm were lustre fired separately, and it worked beautifully!

Thanks so much for everyone’s input!


Man, so cool!