Ceramic Slipcasting Basics 101 and 102 Class (5/5/19 10:30am)

Ever wanted to do ceramics, but you aren’t great at sculpting (like me)? Good news, you can slip cast and make some beautiful items. Join me for a 2 part slip casting class this coming Sunday the 5th to learn how its done.





Awesome, thank you for teaching this!!

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Thanks for helping me get into it! in the last month I’ve blown through about 5 gallons of slip :slight_smile:

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It is definitely an addiction and slip casting molds seem to multiply like rabbits… :laughing:

they sure do, I’m going to need a bigger house soon, haha.

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Will @toussaintpeg’s mug molds be available?

Hopefully it will pick up. I would love to see slip cast tools in place in the ceramic dept.

The plan for the class is to use some of the smaller molds for the sake of time as larger molds can take several hours to be firm enough to be handled. I am not sure who that is or if that mold is a DMS mold or their personal mold. If its the large 20 oz mug mold that DMS owns then no, that wont be a part of the class as it would take too long. However, if after the class, students want to tackle some of the larger molds, then they will be good to do so. I do have some smaller teacups molds in my stash that I might bring up in case anyone wants a drinking vessel.


I hope so too! What other tools are you hoping to see? I know at this point any new tool additions are pending the move and seeing how the space lines up.

I think that ceramics might have a pouring table after moving to the new location.

Oh, that would be nice!

And I once remember Diana mention that a slip pump would be part of that, right?

Edit- In the theme of Jaws, “were gonna need a bigger kiln”.

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I think so but I have never used a pouring table so I’m not sure what is included. :slight_smile:

looks like it can be built to order based on your specs. Per clay king a full setup looks like it’ll run about $2000. Or we could get a truck and drive to TN for this guy-

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I’m already registered for one of these classes and would love to slipcast a teacup!! :slight_smile:

@Brian @Lordrook This is the mold type in question? I’m pretty sure I left one or two at the space. Even if they’re not used for this class, I think they’re available for use. image


Awesome, thank you so much! I was thinking of a different mold.

Yes. I owe my wife a cup from that mold.

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I cannot make the class.

If I make my own mold, is it possible to cast a hollow object this way?

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If its made out of an appropriate plaster, then I don’t see why not. I’m not currently very knowledgeable about the mold making side of things, however I do know several members know how to make them. Let me know if you end up making one as that’s something I’d like to see.


The table Christy is storing had a built in pump. Hopefully we will have a in house maker to get it running. Slip casting with a pump and table is great. @Lordrook I had a ceramic shop in AL in the 90’s with 5000 molds, for several years. Tool you should have putty knives are a must! The plastic tool to cut the lip out, cleaning tools, hole tools, Stress crack repair sticks,Ceramics are suppose to be painted on the bottom so stilts and stilt stones. Just to get started. But the putty knives and cleaning tools should be at the top of the list.