Ceramic Mug Class?

For the ceramic mug class part 1 and 2 it says recommended to have already gone through the crash Course in Pottery. Im curious how needed it actually is or do they teach most of it during the mug class?

I only ask because there is another rare class I wanted to go to but it sadly is scheduled during a Crash Course in Pottery i signed up thats right before my Ceramic Mug class part 1 this weekend.

Paging @brendamvilla

Ruby, it is just ‘recommended’. Having gone through the crash course you would have a little more practice before making your mug. All the basics will still be taught, the only difference is that you would’ve already had some time on the wheel.

Also, Ruby, I think you were at the Ceramics 100 orientation last Sunday, that might also cover the information you needed to know.

Yes I did go to the ceramics 100! Okay awesome thank you you guys! Glad to know so I can skip the crash course right before the mug class and just do mug classes and take other class! I’m getting the best of both worlds now! <3 y’all are awesome can’t wait to learn how to make a mug!