Ceramic Meeting Wednesday 9/2/2020 6:30

I have a few things that I’d like to add to the agenda for the meeting. These are some things I have heard conversation about that I believe need to be discussed as a committee.

  1. Covering the pieces on the kiln staging shelves to eliminate possible contaminates from other areas. Specifically the glazed items waiting for firing.

  2. Hump molds - usage, purchase, etc…

  3. Kiln information - coming to temp both 04 and 6 and process of all levels are not reaching temp

  4. Slab roller table - discussion about making this available for use. CDC revised information on fabric risk, slab mats

  5. Classes - 101 beginning series, intermediate 201 series; posting around the space for motivation, first 1/2 hour of class should include the required Ceramics 100 information and AD sign off, class clay

  6. Cabinet to store class clay so we can take advantage of sales and/or bulk pricing.

Thanks, Monika


Sounds good!
The mold order is on back order for some reason. I did get one square one and am bringing it in today :+1:


Call-in, and video info:
meet.google.com/vao-xhap-bxt Dial-in: (US) +1 413-338-0558 PIN: 128 478 955#

Hi everyone! I will be joining you via the google link up. I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts, ideas, suggestions at the Wednesday meeting. I hope everyone is hale and hearty and doing well!

** Something brought up at the last meeting that someone was going to check on and share the answer with the ceramics committee…

Are Honorariums being paid to teachers of classes currently or not?

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Yes. You teach 3 people minimum with class on the calendar, and you get paid honorarium. Maximum 4 per month per teacher.

I got paid for my HP Safety class…

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Thank you Beth for your quick reply :slight_smile:
I am glad you are teaching classes again.
I am also glad the honorarium for people teaching classes is continuing. It shows appreciation for the hard work put into planning and teaching a class.


Ok, thank you, have added to the agenda on the wiki, FYI, anyone can add items there.

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