Ceramic Kiln News - June 2021

Opening the June thread…Where has the year gone?!?

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Glaze unloaded…


Unloaded bisque. Come and get your pieces!!!

Bisque unloaded… shelves are full

Hi i was curious if you saw some laguna b3 clay plates on the shelves? I don’t see them here but they’ve been there for a while! Curious if there was something wrong with them that I needed to fix Here’s a pic!

They are too big for the 1027 bisque they will have to fired in the glaze kiln.

I placed a note on them that we’ll have to run them in the larger kiln. You may want to take a look at them again though, I did notice an S crack in one. If you still want them fired as is they should go in on Sunday.

Dang! Ok, thank you for letting me know. I plan on being there today!

What are the size constraints of a piece for the bisque vs glaze kiln? I’ve been toying around with the idea of making a larger piece

We should probably chat about what your thinking about so we can go through the things that you may or may not need/or will be ok with. For example, if it is a sculptural piece that you are ok with it sitting on the seem between the shelves, the size availability changes.

The foot of the plates, discussed above, were larger than the 1/2 shelf in the smaller kiln so we need to load them in the large kiln based on our kiln guidelines.

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Glaze and bisque unloaded… please come get your things we have no more space

image image image image image image image image image image

@Csmith10987 is this you? It’s beautiful and there are several folks drooling over the glaze :grinning:


Yes that is the glaze I made last week!!! Thank you I will be there today and was going to bring my bucket of glaze in if anyone would like to try it!!!


I would but it’ll have to be another day for me.

Maybe you should do a class and charge a little bit to reimburse yourself…… hint hint :blush:


It is a beautiful glaze!!!

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I was thinking that as well lol. I just wanted to see how it turned out first but I’m definitely going to do that soon!!!


Ooooo please do, that’s gorgeous!! I’d love to play with it!!!

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I’d go!
This glaze is so beautiful. I want a bowl made with it. LOL

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Glaze unloaded from paragon