Ceramic Kiln News July 2024

Please follow this thread to determine if your items are ready for pick up. Please pickup your piece(s) ASAP, we are a very busy community and need the room to unload kilns when ready.

If your piece has a star or little fruit in it, the item is being marked for our 30-day guideline. Please put them back in the glass dish on the shelf after collecting your piece(s).

As a reminder there is no personal storage on our shelves or in the Ceramics space, that means bisque/glaze items should not be on the In Progress shelves.

Please be mindful of other community members and use a ware board that fit the size of your piece, this will allow more room for makers to make.

If you have a piece that’s been “missing”, please double check the Needs Attention thread and shelf. Your piece will have a note attached as to why the kiln team did/can not fire, it is important that you fix the issue in order for your piece to be fired. Continuing to place your item on the shelf for firing without fixing the issue will not result in an ultimate firing of your piece. Also check one of the 4 bisque shelves or top glaze shelf with the ladder if you cannot find your piece.

If you need assistance or other options to achieve your desired results, please consult the wiki guidelines for firing or reach out to the community for further information.

Thank you!


The glaze firing is now out

Bisque unloaded…. Come get your things we are out of shelf space

Two glaze kilns are out


Needs attention shelf

Unloaded bisque! Come get your pieces!

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Pieces in pictures that follow were all under fired. If you want them refired before you glaze them, please put them back on the “to be bisqued shelf” with a note saying to refire them. Putting a note on them will help us to make sure they get in the kiln faster. Here are the cones that show that the kiln did not fire at the right temperature.

Just out of curiosity, what would cause the kiln to not fire the pieces at the correct temperature.

Heating too slowly makes the program close down.

It did get to about Cone 05 before deciding it couldn’t go on. We used to bisque fire at Cone 05 all the time. We increased to Cone 04 because of some of the people using dark clay. Dark clay has more organic that outgas. Firing those clays to the higher temp is supposed to help keep them from bubbling into the glaze. I think that applies more to the black clays, and the dark brown clay.


You are an encyclopedia of information. Thank you.

A bunch of fantastic pieces came out of glaze!!!
Check’m out


Hello. Yesterday I looked at the bisque shelves, and could not find these items. I did find one of my other cookies that was in the bottom of this pic. Any body see them?

Hello. I’m in the space now so I figured I would take a look for you. It looks like it’s at the top of the needs attention shelf with this note:

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Yes, sorry! I forgot to post the Needs Attention shelves pictures.
As the pictures Lea posted show we set it aside because the wire is not very strong.
It might be okay very light test tile sized pieces

Thank you both. I will get them.

Kevin and I unloaded glaze

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