Ceramic Deep Clean 4-4-21 Cancelled-- Reset for 4/11/21

I cancelled the deep clean for ceramics this coming Sunday. Will reschedule it.


New date for Ceramic Deep Clean is…
Sunday 4-11…be there or i will come find you!!!


Love it! What if we can’t make it? Like what if someone will be there that morning but not the afternoon? What are some quick and easy cleanup/organization tasks that a dms ceramics members could do?


Good Question…below you can choose from any area to clean if you cannot make it on 4-11 which is a Sunday at 5pm.

Organize any cabinet that seems unfit for the next person to use.
Clean inside cabinet of any clay residue.
Clean all the brushes in one big swoop so they are shiny and new like.

See any clay residue on them…clean clean clean.
Sweep first then mop…or ya just smearing clay

Prop stool up on the wheel head and place the splash pans on the widest part on the wheel stand…not on the shelving with the wheels, as that is for potters to place their projects on as they continue to throw or clean.

The shelving by the wheels:
It is usually a mess so that is cleanable as well.

Bucket of bats…cleanable!

Pick a table, any table, there are 5? And wipe them down.

Tools on the side cabinet…cleanable!

Slab roller:
The handle and knobs generally need a good cleaning.

I am sure I am missing some things, but on average these are the most used items in ceramics…who am i kidding…everything in ceramics is used…but if and when you see clay on it…go ahead and clean it :slight_smile:


THANK YOU… THANK YOU…THANK YOU To all who showed up to clean the area.

@Monikat @Anette_Henningson @Liv7301 @Krisk @AvalancheOfFox and Amy(sorry, i don’t know your talk name), and new member Nicole(no talk name). YOU ROCK!!!


@amy_er is Amy’s id… thank you!

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