Casting heavy iron

Anyone able to help me figure out what’s needed to cast a 6’ diameter disk that’s 6” thick? Ductile iron or cheap steel. Grubby is fine. Need to make it in one pour though. Any knowledge of foundry’s would be awesome. These are about 8,200 pounds each.

Google’s calculator says 6312 lbs… I’ve only ever poured aluminum in much smaller quantities.

I would thing that large of a casting would be well beyond anything the Space is capable of. I would suggest a commercial foundry for than and even then you’re probably going to run into difficulties.

Just curious , why would you need such large metal disk?


It’s a sacrificial anode. We can pour from multiple furnaces. Any suggestions or leads that come through with us quote I’ll pay $500

Thats a big anode. I’m used to seeing Zinc for sacrificial anodes

Maybe contact the Tarantula Steam Train in Fort Worth for some leads on large scale casting??? One would imagine much of stream train restoration is not pulling parts off the shelf.


I’d think sacrificial anode could be done in parts.


I am not sure what is being asked for. Are you saying your willing to pay $500 for a reference? Or $500 for the steel? You are looking at like $5000 in steel. There are big foundries around DFW. How big is your wallet?

You could buy hot rolled steel plate and have it plasma cut into a disk. The pic is to give you an idea of how much steel costs these days. This is for a 4inch plate. They sell up to 5inch but don’t list the price

Cool idea. Do you have a contact? Google number disconnected

Not an option unfortunetly. It’s for waste water so needs to be solid otherwise we will have issues with corrosion

$500 if you find me a company that will cast for me. I have all the feedstock they need. Nice try in the steel. We want low carbon grubby cheap steel from scrap yards. We can lance it down or shred it.

Hence casting from scrap. Really appreciate the reference. We need production over 80,000 pounds a week. Each disk is like 4 tons.

Does this mean that you have multiple furnaces and a place to lay out a 6 foot diameter molten sand pit form? You’re talking about at least seven 1000 pound molten steel pours requiring dramatic handling and safety equipment. And then you’ve got to move the thing after multiple days of cooling.