Cash box for Electronics

Is there a cash drop somewhere in electronics? Found a diode in the components cabinet that I need to finish a project and wanted to drop a buck for it somewhere.

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Shelf on the West wall if I’m not mistaken

Sounds right. On the shelves to the left of the Mouser sign next to the cabinets.


I’m looking for it and I can’t find the box anywhere. I saw it not long before covid.

It’s a black box with red vinyl lettering, about the size of a lunchbox.

Anyone seen it recently? Emphasis on the recently.

It may be the one that’s still in the finance office. No identifiable location written on the box.

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Sooo… who removed the cash box(es) from the ELab??

oh, I totally forgot to circle back around to this… I never found it… so assume it was gone from before my first post on this thread.

Not a precise owner of information, but I think all the cash boxes got picked up when we closed for quarantine. So, it may be the one in the Finance office, especially if it didn’t say Electronics on it.