Car Window Off Track


Does anyone have experience getting a car window that has gone off track back on track and in working condition? If so, would you be willing to help me/show me how to fix it so if it happens again I can just fix it myself? I hate taking something into the shop if I know I am physically capable of doing it myself.

I will gladly buy however is willing to help beer, coffee, or something of the like for their time.


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More info about the year/make/model/version of window in question might help with advice/IPA.
In general:

  • excavate the mechanism
  • repair/replace component as needed
  • reassemble

But there can be a lot of in-between for those steps depending on which car, which window, etc.


Thank you @jast

Its a 2016 Chevy Cruze Limited.


Take a look at this one:


Thanks! This doesn’t look too bad. I may just take it apart tonight to diagnose if it is the clips holding the window or the whole assembly itself.


If it jumps on and off the track one of the retaining bolts is likely to be loose causing the unwanted movement.