Car on Automotive Lift for 2 days

This car has been monopolizing the auto lift for almost 2 days.

It arrived at 8:33 pm on Friday, and is still there. Last time it was touched was approximately 3am this morning.

maybe the elected chair of automotive should get involved.
oh wait, there isn’t one!

Has anyone talked to the people to let them know the expectations? Are there expectations of timing?

Talked with them when I got to the space. They have no clue what kind of time they are looking at.

If one doesn’t communicate regarding the circumstances regarding unexpected delays, a time-out is in order.

Too bad that Jim petitioned the Board not to install the chair which had 140+ Votes, almost two years of service as vice chair, and experience with dealing with these issues… it sounds like Karma to me. I think that it is funny that Jim is inconvenienced by an issue that he caused.


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Jim wants to enforce Automotive rules, but yet he has been storing stuff in Automotive without permission for months. I feel that Jim needs to get his broken swamp cooler out of Automotive or donate it; but simply storing personal items in Automotive is clearly against the rules, and he’s the first to jump on everyone else…

The car has been repaired enough to move off the lift, and they are cleaning up the oil drops.