Car lift class schedule


I’m a new member and I heard I need to take the car lift class in order to use the car lift. I don’t see it on the schedule and was wondering if anyone knew when it was being offered.

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The automotive lift training is usually done one on one, because it is pretty simple. Just schedule a time to be at the space with someone that can provide the training.

When will you be at the space next?

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I am also interested in this training. I was planning to come up today. Is there a time someone would be available to help me?

Thank you,

I should be around this evening and can do a class.

Anyone who is interested in a lift class this evening post here and we’ll try to coordinate something.

Make sure you drive yourselves, so as part of the class we can find where the best lift spots for your vehicle are.


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Evening no good here. Taking the kids to a 6pm Avengers.

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I can’t make it tonight but am available Saturday anytime. I’m usually more of a morning person if anyone is going to be there in the morning on Saturday. But can be there any time as of now.

We typically are not doing one on one lift classes anymore, as the board prefers us to have ‘scheduled’ classes. They typically are better planned, attended, and the board pays our committee to host them, so we have more money for the tool fund.

I was away for a couple of weeks and I have not taught a lift class or Automotive 101 since I’ve been back. Remember that Automotive 101 is required as well for any member which joined after Sept 1, 2018…

If no one else puts up a class, I can list a few; but 5 minutes with someone who spends very little time in Automotive is not intended to be a substitute for an 1+ class where we discuss safety, rules, cleanup, etc…

I’ll get a class scheduled.

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Let me know when they Automotive 101 is Listed and I will look on the schedule to sign up.

Interested as well. Thank you

Agreed, also interested. Thanks guys!

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Me too! Thanks.

Also looking for auto lift training. I looked for class and didn’t see anything. any suggestions?

Hello I just wanted to follow up and see if anyone was able to get the class scheduled or should I try to reach out to people to help me get familiar with the lift. Its been about a week an I have not seen a definitive answer on what the next step is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have submitted a class for Wednesday evening at 8pm. It will show up in 48 hours on the calendar. Please bring your vehicle.

There is also a monetary requirement for automotive committee, however it is not required at the time of the class.

Just an fyi @TLAR

Thank you. I will definitely sign up. Wednesday nights works well.

Just so it’s clear, this will be a lift class. I inadvertently named the class automotive 101 for the calendar event.

Thank you. I have signed up!!!

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Hello @Team_Automotive,

If possible, I would like to take the training to use the lift this weekend. Anyone free to help? Is payment for the class paid directly to the teacher?



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I would also attend the class this weekend. So that’s at least 2 willing students if one of the teachers wants to come in and do it.