Car jack on site?

Hello! I’d like to do a brake job, and i’d like to use one of these:
is there one on site? does this tool require class clearance? the tools wiki is mum

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We have several of these along with jackstands. I’m not sure what new rules are, but in past they didn’t require any specific training or general training. @hon1nbo

Just be sure to always use jackstands and take the weight off the jack for safety.

Edit: adding on to @michaelb comments below. There are also some large “cookie sheet” drip trays (~2’ x 4’). Slide them under the axle working on. Catches all the crap that falls off suspension plus any brake fluid. Makes clean up a lot easier - not floor to clean.


There’s quite a few in the automotive area. Officially the automotive area requires a 101 course to use, the curriculum is being recreated at the moment so we don’t have any classes scheduled.

When you do your brake job, make sure you use jackstands under the vehicle when it’s not actively being raised or lowered. Be sure to clean up and put tools back wherever you got them from. And don’t be afraid to ask for help, there’s plenty of people that would love to give you their opinion on how to do the work.


thanks to everyone giving supportive constructive answers. i have to admit i’ve loaded in and swapped out my car radio and such using automotive tools, changed spark plugs and such thinking as long as i wasn’t using the big car lift i was fine (??).

I hope i wasn’t breaking rules i didn’t know existed, Sorry!

I’ll just try to use the classic red jack if it’s okay with the car committee. I am not a beginner to cars and understand about using the extra support struts to not overload the jack with a continuous load. has the garage door been restored lately? planning in advance if i should show up at 7 am or 3 am (yes, my hours are indeed that weird.) to make use of daylight or indoor lights


The operative question here is: When did you join DMS?

The training requirement for everything other than the lift is only for members joining on or after September 15, 2018.

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My key advice on doing brakes: Make sure you have all possible needed parts, fluids, etc. before you start, start well before parts stores close, have a buddy who can drive you to parts store for the unexpected thing that breaks during the job … cause once the wheel is off … you aren’t driving.

Good luck. Doing your brakes isn’t a difficult task and is one were you can easily save 2-3 months of dues.

Thanks for asking about the rules!! Excellent

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Turns out july 2018 was my incept date. So i guess i just barely made the cutoff!


Brenly ,

We have floor / service jacks for use yes but they are not the same as the poor example in the photo you posted.
Please note the suggestions and rules posted above and please read your vehicles owner’s manual or service manual on were to place the jack’s saddle to lift the vehicle as to not cause any damage to your car.

If you plan to do this on Sunday afternoon - I’d be happy to help you.