Can't Login to Calendar, But Able to Login to MM3

Hi, I can’t login to the calendar to sign up for a class, but can log in to MM3. My account is active, but I was unable to set up a badge without admin help.

Tagging @Team_Infrastructure so they are aware in case something is screwy on backend.

Talk and Calendar are separate systems so login information can be different. Are you using the same login information as Maker Manager to log into calendar?

Try resetting your password once again. I was able to login to the calendar as you yesterday when testing

Yep, I am using the same info to log into both

I have reset the password several times (most recently today a few hours ago), but still receive the same error

What error are you receiving

When we were looking at it, it’s just saying it can’t log her in. She updated her password, and it still won’t log her in. Not into MakerManager, and not into the calendar.

She’s the 3rd person I’ve had to give a one-off badge to. They show active in the system. They re-do their password, and zip. Can’t log in. Stacy is having the same issue.

I wanted to follow up on this and mention that the computers do not register my login information either.

I have not heard back on the email I sent on the 22nd to follow up on this open ticket. Did you receive that? If so, please respond as requested, and we can work on it from there.

Ah I did not get a notification for the new message on the ticket. Will respond to it now, thank you

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