Can't access the space with my badge?

Not sure if this is the correct spot for this but:
Came by the space today to get some work done and my badge isn’t allowing me to enter any of the doors…
I have an active membership that’s paid for and my badge is registered to my account. How can I get this resolved quickly?

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The fastest thing to do is go to Maker Manager and tell it you lost your badge, then add the badge back to your account. That should force it to push an update to the door systems.


Thanks for the advice, I just did that. How long should it take the doors to update?

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It should be very fast, usually faster than you can walk over to a door and test.

If that doesn’t work, it could be something else wrong.

Does the door reader beep when you put your badge to it? If not, the badge might be broken.

If it does beep and you’ve re-added it, it’s possible the badge number was entered wrong (they’re hard to read on some of them) or there’s something deeper wrong that @Team_Infrastructure will need to look into.


If you’re still here, come to the from door and ring the bell. I’m here and can help.


Before i re-entered the badge, it would be in a higher pitch than normal and wouldn’t open the lock. I did as you suggested and it works now! Thank you so much!