Cannot cancel a class, no email, via my account, or from reminder text


I cannot find the email to cancel the Fusion 360 class for absolute beginners at 7pm tonight, 12/20. The event is not listed in my account events, either to have the option to cancel it that way. I did get the text as a reminder. Perhaps the link to cancel could be included in the text in the future.

Please let Kee Fedak know, I will not be able to attend tonight.

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Thank you Brian for forwarding to Kee.

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I got a text for the “3D Scanning Using the NextEngine Scanner!”. It’s not on my event page, so I cannot cancel the class. I also did not get a class confirmation email (I don’t remember signing up for it either).

@fedakkee also…
Kee, I will not be in your class tonight at 5:30.



I have cancelled your registration.

It says you signed up on November 28th at 7:10pm. You didn’t sign up using your DMS credentials so that’s why it’s not listed in your upcoming events. To cancel you need to use the link emailed to you. It should have come to you around that registration time. Let me know if I can help in any other way.



Thank you Alex. I’ll take extra care to make sure I’m logged in when I register in the future. I appreciate the help.