Hello Everyone - Just following up.

Adrian Cooks will conduct 1-2 sessions on the use of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. I will let you know when the event has been updated, but it is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 16th. We only have one camera, so class size is limited to 4 students.

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera

Thanks again for your patience and support!

I’m interested. When would it be held and how much would it cost? How long would be each session?

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Hello Richard. I will submit this as an honorarium if I get enough interest. The class will be free. The camera is mine, so you will learn about the workings of it.

I am thinking 60-75 minutes.

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That’s a nice camera.

I’m interested, but I avoid taking or teaching classes or attending meetings on Sunday.

@Opcode Will keep that in mind. I can only go by what the instructors are saying, but we will keep that in mind.

I definitely understand where you are coming from, and can certainly appreciate it.

Updates are listed above. This class will occur the weekend of May 16th. Thank you!

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Course is now available.

Please refer to the following post for more information. 6 slots available!

Thank you.

So sorry about this. I sent a note to the classroom committee chair. Adrian has a nasty sinus infection, that will take a few days to recover. We will reschedule for the end of June.

Hope your son feels better soon!

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Thanks for the update. I chalk it up to getting more free time this weekend to create. I just wish it wasn’t at the expensive of Adrian’s health. Hope he recovers quickly.

Are you still on for the 6pm DMS podcast workshop, same day?

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Thank you! Yes, I will be there for the Podcast meeting, and Sean will be teaching the Audio Recording 101 class @ 1:00 pm.

These things happen…Adrian was really looking forward to it. Will shoot for late next month.

Thank you!


Health first, hobbies second. Good decision making and good luck with your son’s recovery.

When is next Black Magic class?

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