Can we use our own welder in the parking lot

Can I use my own welder in the parking lot to fab up a few stands for my classes or do I have to do it inside?


We have had members doing fab work outside of the loading dock in the past. If you do, please use the magnetic sweeper to cleanup the area after you have finished. The tire you save could be your own.

Between the Auto Ramp and Loading dock there are two 50A 208V circuits. One has a 14-50 connector and the other a 6-50. There is a 25ft extension cord and a “dogbone” adapter in the Metal shop. There is also a red portable UV barrier in the Metal shop.

If you would like to build your racks out there in the loading area, please be kind to our neighbors and not do it during business hours. Please use the UV barrier to protect other members eyes.

If someone needs to use the car chargers in the loading area, please accommodate them as best as you can… they might not be able to get home without a charge.


My welder in 120VAC. Thanks for the info Stan.

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There is a 20A 120VAC socket dead center under the Freebie Shelf inside the loading dock, just south of the loading dock door.

Thank you sir! Introduce yourself if you are around between 10-3 today. we will be working on this