Can we move 2 of the computers not in use into the fab lab for design

Since we had to take some offline for covid distancing purposes can we have 2 in the fab lab for design, which there’s room to still adhere to social distancing

Is that a request? I think there’s a standardized way to submit a request in the Issues and Requests category. It guides you through how to make sure the correct team gets the request and everything.

I believe some of the ‘new’ computers were intended for 3D Fab but simply haven’t been set up yet. It’s probably faster to get those set up than to pull old computers and have to trade them out later.


I was unsure who this fell under, logistics, 3d fab, networking, or bod so I figured instead of posting 4 threads addressing each I’d just post a general question which everyone can see

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So there are still outstanding items from the 3dfab committee to procure software for us to setup on the machine. Other than that I just have to deploy the machines and run profile updates if the committee is ready for them
Additionally I need to model some retaining mounts for the monitors that were purchased. The design changed on the current iteration of what we had settled on, and the mount is pretty unstable. We were thinking of making blocks that can screw down to the table to help secure them, or vesa mounting adapters that fit the original slots.

@Chris_Fazio if you’re up for it can try and make those blocks and take an item off the list. I can swing in one of these evenings and if @maxk68 is fine with us starting things without the software we can try and knock it all out and maybe do all the cabling whilst we’re at it.

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Yea what’s the dimensions on the mounts? And are we wanting to print them cause i feel I’d be able to make better srurdier ones in the woodshop

They have the ring bases. I’m thinking all it really needs is two little blocks on opposing sides of the rings with a grove. 3d printing would be fine since all it’s doing is mitigating wobble. You can see what I mean if you look at the ones in the computer lab.

Oh ok, so just a little block with a step up half way through so when we screw it down it doesn’t flex and snap and a single screw hole on the side without the step up! How many do we need 4? 2 per comp?

Two per computer; @maxk68 since these are for committee computers (including 3dfab’s new machines) can some of the orange filament be used?

I’m going to be in this evening and on my todo list is get all the drops etc ready for 3d fab and start deploying the computers.

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