Can SolidWorks edit .sat file?

Can SolidWorks edit an .sat file? And if so, what does that really mean, “edit”? Is it a full dimensional/parametric editing ability, or something less?

For instance, I know Fusion 360 can “edit” an .stl file but it’s comparable to editing a hunk of wax - you could add or subtract a chunk of wax, or change its appearance but you couldn’t edit dimensions or parameters.

The design history isn’t saved in the file. Even if you export a file in parasolid, which is the SW native format, and then import that file again, you won’t have feature history. If you get a feature history in autodesk, it’s just guessing which features were used based on the solid geometry. You can do that in SW, there’s some import option to do that somewhere. If you download a solidworks part file from grabcad or whatever, then you can see the entire feature history, just like if you made the part yourself.

Stl doesn’t define shapes or curves mathematically. It uses points and triangles, just like video game graphics. STEP and 3mf are good formats for CAD and 3d printing.

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Thanks. I suspected as much but wanted to confirm.

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