Can laminated paper be cut on the laser?


Just regular laminated paper from a laminator. Can this be cut on the laser? I don’t see anything in the restricted materials about it and reading about the contents it seems it’s just a resin and cellulose hybrid, but plastics seem to be tricky so figured I’d ask.

Also how about acetate paper? Again it seems it’s just cellulose reacted with acetic acid but figured I’d ask.



IMHO, I’m thinking it can. Generally, it is an inert resin not to mention that it is applied by heating it without the need for exhaust.
The only thing that would concern me is that the plastics part of that will cause a flare up (flame). The paper portion in between the layers is combustible and may smolder. the trick will be finding the optimal speed/power combination. 100% power is probably not the way to go. Test and document, and keep the fire extinguisher close.



We’re actually not even planning on cutting the paper portion, just the laminate outline



I Googled “Cermark plastic” and this looks promising, even though the website is lame and makes you log in for details: