Can I show up to thunder basics?

Can I show up to thunder basics if the registration is full already?

I know this is possible for other classes but would like some input, thanks.

Yes, but there may not be an opening in the class, i.e. you would be taking a gamble that some registered was a no-show.

You cannot just show up and expect to be able to attend the class if there are no open spots, however, if that is what you were asking. I am not sure any class allows that, barring a no-limit offering, e.g. an online seminar-style of class.

I’ve been told on here that it is usually worth the gamble. For example: My hot process safety was limited to 5 and there was a no show. But no one else was there.

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For someone with a high/immediate need for a given class and that can afford the time risk/cost, then i think it would be worth it.