Can I get my access card just before class?


I’m a new member, located at 1hr20min (without traffic) from the Makerspace, so wondering whether I can avoid having an extra trip only for my access card to be issued and have that done just before the laser cutting class I enrolled in on Dec 22nd.

Please advise

With thanks

You should be able to. There is a computer station just for activating badges, and if you ring the doorbell someone will let you in. You can also let your instructor @cvrana know maybe he’ll keep an ear open for you :slight_smile:

There’s not always someone at the front entrance monitoring the doorbell. Go around to the back entrance (near the ramp and electric vehicle charging station) and knock on the door. It’s near the lasers, so someone will be sure to hear it and let you in. You’ll have to sign the online waivers on the ipad, if you haven’t already though, so they might bring you around to the front anyway.

Great! Thank you! That would save me hours of driving today :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you! That will save me hours of driving today :slight_smile:

You’ll want to apply for your green dot.

And maybe your free Solidworks software?

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Thank you for the suggestions. Will definitely do :slight_smile: