Can I audit the woodshop class?

Hello, I was briefly a member last year and had attended the wood shop training class to become cleared to use the machines in the shop. I’m considering becoming a member again, and I assume I’d still be cleared for the shop, but to be honest, I’m a novice wood worker and would not feel comfortable without a refresher. I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for the wood shop class, I don’t mind paying another $10 to take the class again, i’m not asking about auditing because I’m trying to be cheap, but I can’t seem to snatch a spot before the class fills.

Would it be possible for me to audit the class? Just kind of hover around off the books? I know capacity is a consideration, so I don’t want to contribute to unsafe conditions due to too many people.


You are showing good judgement.

Woodshop classes are limited to a specific number of members in order to provide each member with an immersive experience. This is why adding more people to a class usually results in a poorer experience for all attendees.

We are currently having a difficult time forecasting demand for training. This is why there are a few less classes being posted. The volunteers become disappointed when they post a class that doesn’t fill-up, yet they are still required to teach it. On top of that, some of our teachers drive up to an hour each way and are disallowed the honorarium when the attendee threshold isn’t met.

We have been discussing this at the board level in order to discover a workable resolution.

Please keep your eye out for the machine specific classes such as Table Saw and Router Table Basics. These are two hour long, deep dives into specific machines.

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Oh I didn’t know there were classes offered for specific tools, I’ll watch for those (and also the regular intro class)

Thank you for your response!


The # calendar channel in the DMS Official Discord

Is a bit that posts as soon as classes come up on the calendar.
You can set the discord app to notify you of all new posts in that channel, so you can get immediate notification of classes.