Can anyone give me a hand moving and installing a washer dryer? (done)

The delivery guy I had scheduled to move my washer and dryer left the country suddenly and won’t be back anytime soon :frowning:

I need them moved from a rental house I have moved out of to my new apartment. Luckily they are on ground level right now, but unluckily they need to go to the third floor… If you’ve got your own truck that’s great and I’ll pay gas, otherwise I will just have to rent a uhaul trailer and tow behind my car. Either way obviously willing to pay for your time and effort. They are coming from Wylie (75098) to Dallas near Carrollton (75287).

I can’t help, but I will mention that Home Depot had trucks you can rent by the hour that might be as cheap/cheaper as a UHaul trailer by the day.

If you know anyone with horses, a 2 horse trailer is great for this kind of move and keeps the contents out of the wind and weather, and are often sitting idle, especially this time of year. Double check the ball size needed (typ. a large 2-5/16” ball).

Um…this is my day job / main business…

Just sayin, lol

What do you charge for something like this?

To be honest for my regular clients it depends on a few factors.

Usually I give quotes by asking:
What is the pick up and delivery addresses?

Are there any stairs at the pick up and delivery locations?

Do you have a picture of the items so I can see what I’m working with?

DM me your phone number so we can exchange info. I don’t have any images but they are just regular washer/dryers not a stacking unit

Sent a DM.

Thanks, @MadScists

No problem, glad I could help!


You probably know this, but be sure to level the washer before trying to use it again.

Yup thanks

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