Can anybody recommend a portable sawmill service?

I may be purchasing a black walnut tree if I can get it milled on site. Can anybody recommend a sawmill service that will meet me on site?

Thank you

Curt, I’ve got an email into a guy…I’ll get back to you when he responds.

Also, @jeffbob may have a contact or two. Should we assume Alaskan sawmill approach (i.e. a chainsaw) is not your preference fopr slabbing this tree?


Thanks for the help. You assume correctly. The tree is approx 36" in diameter.

I know a guy north of us in Mckinney that I really like using but I don’t think he does portable but he sawmills stuff for others all the time. He has brought stuff down to Mckinney all the time and has walnut logs on hand too. If you are at all interested you can find him on Facebook under Nut House Sawmill Creations. Really great guy to work with in my experience. Or his phone number is 9728247136

Thank you very much for this.

The guy I checked with said his “portable” sawmill is firmly (read: permanent) seated into some railroad ties on his property for stability. He’ll do hauling for you if you need it, though. This is a guy named Lloyd, in Plano east of 75.

I think the problem you are going to run into is that while a lot of these sawmills are marketed as “portable”, in reality they are portable in the same way Archimedes considered the Earth portable.

Best of luck…sounds like a nice chunk of wood :deciduous_tree:

@mblatz can you send me his email? I have a tree I need slabbed

Sure, it’s [email protected]

If you say my name three times in a forum I will magically appear. @zacharymarkson feel free to e-mail me at the address provided by @mblatz, or I can answer any questions here.


I’m reminded of the 1960’s version of “portable”. Slap on a handle, and VOILA! Portability.

Like portable televisions. A category that included every tv in every size that was not enclosed in a cabinet, regardless of weight or dimensions.

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I always enjoyed the backronym (aka retronym) “luggable”, as generally applied to “portable” computers like the IBM “Portable Personal Computers”.


Hahahahaha, we had a “portable” TV when I was a kid. It was literally the same as the “tabletop” model that Sears sold, only it had a handle on top. 21 inches, weighed about the same as a VW Beetle.


Arthur Young (accounting firm in 1980’s) loaned my service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, several of these for typing committee meeting notes at the national convention in Houston in 1986. They had to be returned to the AY employee/APO member after the convention closed. He lived in Arlington, I lived in Garland, so I volunteered to schlep them home in my new Honda Accord hatchback. IIRC, there were only about six of them, but they completely FILLED the hatch - with the back seat folded down. Other luggage had to be crammed into other available nooks and crannies.

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As an Osborne 1 owner, I approve of the term “luggable” and “backronym” is my new favorite word.

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