Calling all Ceramic Artists!

Unclaimed/Abandoned Ceramic Pieces:
Attached you will find pictures of pottery that have been on the shelf for some time. Some had initials, some did not. Please look at them carefully and if they are yours, come claim them. If you are uncomfortable coming in, we can meet you outside. If you know who’s they might be, please let them know. All bisqued pieces can be found in the new ceramics area. All of the glazed pieces can be found on the bottom shelf in the old ceramic area. They all will be held for 30 days from today.


Wow. That IS a big accumulation…


I recognize some of those as part of the wind chime class we had just days before the shutdown. I’m guessing some of the people completely forgot about it or just haven’t had a chance to pick them up.

@Synth83, can you email those from your class…some might not be on talk. Thanks!

Yes, I emailed them right before I posted in here.

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