Call for Screen Printing Trainers

Happy New Year Members,

I’m posting a call out for screen printing trainers/instructors. We have several requests with interest in learning screen printing and T-shirt making. If any members are interested in stepping up to train new and existing members how to screen print, please contact me Lisa Gabriel - Printmaking Chair @lisaletters.



Thank you. Is there a possibility of having a class for those who were checked out on some of the older gear, but not the latest, and/or need only a refresher?

Thank you! I am also interested in taking a how-to when they are avail

Lisa, I think I can swing it. Just need a refresher.
Creating the actual print on the computer is my weak point.

Jeff Whitcomb

Astrud and I can do a (re)train the trainers for existing teachers who need a refresher. Only 1-2 people at a time, and not full classes for new people. We really need to keep it xposure levels down until we’re able to get her vaccinated.


Hi Paul,

I can teach the computer side of things, like preparing artwork and printing positives. When we get the computer and printer going at DMS, if you can give me a one-on-one overview I could put together some materials for a class on computer preparations of artwork. We can talk about that in the meeting next week.


That works. Computer is in progress, I just need to put in a boot drive with Windows to get it going.

Hi Jeff,

Show up for the meeting next week and we can talk more about new things going on in our area. I’m more savvy on the computer side, but know very little about the screen making and screen printing processes, maybe we can put our heads together.


Has she been able to sign up through all the local counties? I just got my 1st shot yesterday through Tarrant. Loooong drive for me, but it let me get the shot after signing up through multiple local county health departments. I really miss her classes, so I’m hoping she can get stuck with a needle soon. :crossed_fingers: :syringe: :yum:

Yes, she’s signed up in multiple places. We’re working the options, but even after getting the jab it’s still a two week wait minimum before we’re comfortable widening out our contacts. I just had a direct exposure from a co worker last week that we had to deal with ( just got my second negative test back so I’m clear), so we’re being very cautious.


Oh definitely there is a time period after getting the 1st jab. In 6 weeks I should be good. It takes full effect 2 weeks after the 2nd shot which I will get in 4 weeks. The key being, once you can finally get that 1st shot, there’s an actual date that you’ll have the protection. Hopefully, she’ll get an appointment soon.

I would like this. I was the only teacher for a few years (my son Johnnie helped). It was wonderful when you and @Print_Witch jumped in and grew it into print making.

Most of my updating would be on the new screen press and the switch to eco friendly solutions.