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I presume you voted for “broadcast message to students?”

Edit: If you go to My Account/Attending Events, does the class show up there?

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I think this should SMS text the students and email.



I once had an incompetent, loathed engineering manager try to make the serious argument that we should use fractions in our mechanical designs - presumably arising from the divisibility argument. Not a word was spoken in response and in the deafening silence he realized the stupidity of the idea. No one needed to condescend to demonstrate that the CAD system spoke decimal and trying to calculate to 1/128ths or 1/256ths was going to be agonizing to say nothing of confounding the hell out of our vendors, by then some 3-plus decades accustomed to seeing decimal dimensions.

After that our uncertainty about whether he was merely peripherally involved with the early failures on the V-22 during his time at Bell or directly involved became a settled matter.

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  1. Waitlist for attendees
  2. See rooms/spaces available during class creation
  3. Send notification to attendees in the event of room change or other vital info


How does one get to the poll to vote?


  1. Buy a DeLorean
  2. Find Dr. Emmett L. Brown for modifications
  3. Dial in January 26, 2019
  4. Get it up to 88 mph somehow

Seriously, the poll is over. Just post your preferences here…



One enhancement to consider for the future.

Two or three days is too short for admins and auditors to “work things out” with event hosts and class instructors. Nobody wants to extend the review periods.

Provide a way to put an event on hold. While on hold, it remains in the queue until it is either cancelled or released.

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Maybe this is already available and I just don’t see it. But I would like a feature that shows the users all the classes they’ve signed up for.

Often I find that I’m trying to sign up for the same class over and over or I miss out on a class because I thought I had already signed up for that class.




Are you aware of this, and wanting something different?

The list of classes you are signed up for (past and present) are shown here.

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The key to what Jast said is – log into your account on the Calendar.



HI thanks to everyone that replied. Sorry it took be so long to reply back. I had forgotten by username :frowning: I did find it. The color of the text was so close to the background on my phone that I couldn’t see it. After finding out it was there I saw that it was there and I could see it (barely) once I knew it was there. Man, I can’t tell you how much that has helped me. Thanks everyone.

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