Calendar Feature Poll


Here is your chance to vote one what we need to improve next with the calendar system. You can vote for 3 things.
Or you can suggest things. What we work on depends on the volunteers but they need to know what is important to you.

  • Be able to choose committee to direct payments taken and show when class requires in-person payments
  • Invite link on event page
  • Extend registrations to 6 hours after class
  • Allow admins to add users to classes
  • Be able to contact instructor
  • Broadcast message to students (room change, etc)
  • Send reminder emails for taking attendance
  • Optional Integration of a discussion thread on an event page
  • See rooms available or taken during class creation
  • Replace calendar date chooser box with something better
  • Don’t allow a student to register for two classes that overlap times
  • Disallow registration of classes that provide the same tool permission (Fulfills Prerequisite, AD Group) at the same time
  • Don’t allow instructors to create classes that overlap
  • Convert to Metric
  • Log all actions for tracking of changes
  • Provide reporting for committees to see what honorariums are possibly coming their way
  • Be able to click on an instructor and get a list of other classes they are teaching
  • Queuing for FULL classes (Wait List)
  • Put the current time on the screen
  • Fix color grey menu problem on mobile
  • Make creating a class easier
  • Replace class creation description box with a nice editor and allow showing of pictures (something like talk)
  • Have a list of pre-created class templates available for creating
  • Make cancelled classes not disappear but show cancelled in list
  • Allow classes that span more than one day to show up on the subsequent days

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One that is probably low priority, but on my wishlist…

I find the verbiage on the free/limit paid etc spots confusing. There’s a recent thread by someone else related to similar problem

I wish it just had something simple like a check box for:
•max number of free (at registration) students
•max number of paid (at registration) students

And on the max numbers, allow input value there

For me, nothing ever feels like it fits. I usually either don’t charge, or collect in class. Very occasionally, during registration. Depends on whose stash is supplying stuff (mine or committee). So I go with sticking a number in the first blank, cross my fingers and it seems to work ok, but I don’t like the feeling of guessing

I’m guessing there are scenarios that caused the current wording (maybe paid spots, and audit spots?) but I just find it confusing. I always feel like I’m guessing when I interpret it…


The red “cancel” button that shows up right after you register causes a lot of people trouble. They go on autopilot and click that button and then they can’t get back into the class. I’d like to see a green button added that does something innocuous like return to the calendar. Given a choice of red and green buttons most people will choose green.


We are currently testing a new feature that allows people to resign up for free classes. Once we get that and change some underlying financial procedures, we will allow people to resign up for paid classes as well.
But I like the idea of the button.


Fantastic idea doing this poll.


Ask a second poll question: have you taught a class?


I need help! I cannot find the “all the above” check box.

Thanks for the great work, Draco.


Finally … someone agrees that we should convert the calendar to metric :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I might should explain this one a bit better.

Disallow registration of classes that provide the same tool permission (Fulfills Prerequisite, AD Group) at the same time

Several people have signed up for classes and taking up a spot on many Laser 101 classes at the same time. And then cancel the classes that they aren’t going to attend at the last minute. This should not happen. When asked about it, they respond that they didn’t know which one they were going to be able to make, so they reserve many classes. This might be fine if there was unlimited spaces but most of the time there is not and the classes become full.

What this item does, is not allow someone to take up a spot on many of these at the same time. It would allow you to queue for many full classes that provide access to the same tool but once you get into one, it would remove you from the queues of the other classes.


Anything you can do to help instructors properly take attendance is priority one for me. We are having a crazy number of exceptions for honorarium payments where they have not submitted attendance and we get requests/signups on a napkin!

Don’t make create a form that you have to fill out in triplicate to get your honorarium money! I’m very pro-teacher but you are costing our volunteers and bookkeeper wasted hours.


There are two items on the list that should help with that.

  • Reminder Emails (@Diplomat)
  • Allowing admins to add people to classes

Also, one item that isn’t on that that might help is that the bookkeeper will not see the class on her list until it has either a) Been Submitted with a Submit button or b) Has expired after 2 days
If they come asking, she can tell them to submit the attendance.

Another thing that we are looking into is the ability/requirement to scan your RFID on the pads outside of the classrooms to take attendance for members or join a class. This would allow a real accounting of what members attended and allow others to sign up for classes if they have space.


Bless you brother!


For this one…

Be able to click on an instructor and get a list of other classes they are teaching

…that would look great right here:


Yes, I have thought about this.

I think I’m going to work on designing a new filter system.
It should have many options as well as a search box


Very cool! :sunglasses:


Its interesting that “See rooms available or taken during class creation” is number three. That is very very important to teachers but I would not expect it to be very high for non teachers. It looks like teachers are very active on taking this poll.


I do not have any idea what that means, but somebody voted for it.


Performance Meters are much better for measurement.
We should stop measuring our code performance in terms of how many yards you can throw it.


On the subject of converting classes to metric.

We could make the earth rotate on a vertical axis in a circular orbit around the sun. The annual orbit around would be 1,000 days which would cause us to age only about one third as fast. Moving away from the current time system based on 12, 24, 60, 28, 29, 30, 31, 365,… to a simpler system based on ten could help all students arrive for classes on time. The extra life expectancy could help you get Python on the 6502!


I’d like to see a color change on the top menu (the My Account expansion) so the the lines next to the yellow marks I’ve made were more legible on my iPhone.


I hope you voted for it then
“Fix color grey menu problem on mobile”