Cabinet Hinge Jigs

Hi All,

Im a new member and will be doing a cabinet door project soon. Do you know if the woodshop has cabinet hinge jigs (Kreg, Blum, etc.)?


Sorry, we don”t stock any of the jigs you might need for this project.

Thanks, Burt.

If I end up getting a jig, I’ll probably just leave it in the wood shop for others to use in the future.

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What jigs are you looking for?

I am using Blum Inserta hinges, so a jig, for that would be great.

Detail Below:


Did you ever resolve your jig issue.

A crappy but serviceable version is produced by Kreg.

BTW, Inserta hinges are not what you might be thinking they are. If this is the case, you should really study this carefully. FYI, I am not a hobbiest, or YouTuber in this arena.