CA’s Nasty Iron


I wasn’t paying attention and just marred some fabric with the nasty iron. Do we have a consensus on the best way to clean it? I’m happy to do it. It doesn’t have a coated plate so steel wool? Small caliber weapon at close range? Seriously… it’s not mine so I don’t want to ruin it.


Personally, I’m partial to iron cleaner. Applied with a scrap of old T-shirt.


I’m sorry that happened to you.

It has been awhile since I’ve seen the iron, but I seem to recall that we have (had?) two. I think we should label the two irons - the better one should be labeled and restricted to SEWING only and the other one should be labeled CRAFTS.

I have seen a lot of things like iron-on glue (stitch witchery, e.g.,) being used with the iron and of course, over time, some amount of that crud gets onto the iron. With this approach, maybe there is a chance that one of the irons will be clean enough for people to use it on fabric without damage.


One of them (the nicer one) appeared to be MIA from CA yesterday.


Yeah… the good on one was MIA. I should know better and normally check, but I’m still recovering from the time shift. :stuck_out_tongue:


As a side note, if we get a new iron at some point, can we label it in some way other than duct tape on the handle? Last time I went to use it, the duct was all gross and left sticky residue on my hand.


Which one is for applying edge banding to wood? :rofl:


Definitely the one with the brown/scorch marks on the sole plate :stuck_out_tongue: