CA Office Hours-coming soon

CA will start hosting monthly or twice monthly office hours. During this time anyone can come in and get help using the equipment or get signed off to use tools such as the vinyl cutter, metaza, leather tools, button maker, resin pressure pot and vacuum, and sewing machines (with exception of the Thor, leather machines, or the embroidery machine). More details to come.
What will NOT be available:
Sign off on dye sub (that class is really in depth and needed to properly use the equipement.)
Design help (depending on who is volunteering that month)
We can try to help with your projects, but the main focus here will be tool help.
If you are interested in volunteering for a 3 hour block please PM me.


Love this and hope more comittees do it. I need a refresher on what we require for pressure pot info but would be happy to do one before summer is over

I can sign you off on the pressure pot stuff. Will you be up at the space over the weekend?

Friday and Saturday evening for sure since I’m taking classes then.

I’m teaching both days so will be there until at least 4 or 5

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10 4. I’m working on the prototype for the soft circuits class and need to finish my dry point. Hubby also wants to do some SVG things so I’ll be up one of them for sure and will catch you. :slight_smile:

Yep! I’m hoping that it can double as an open hours time as well as a CA clean up/organization/administrative time when things are slow.

I’d like to start a list of people who are willing to host this once in a while so its not always solely on the chair and vice chair (although I imagine we’ll be hosting a good number of them), so if you’d be willing to please let me know and we can discuss more in depth what that looks like in person at our CA meeting on July 11.


I am willing to help. Will try to make it to the meeting on 7/11.


This is for honorarium right? OMG I’M KIDDING PUT THE GUN DOWN!

Great idea, I’m in for helping, but my sign off list (things I’m proficient in getting other people signed off on) does not include some of the items on that list. Does that count me out, or do I need to get better at those things to be able to help? specifically the Metaza, pressure pot and vacuum.

Can we pick dates/times we are available in 3 hour blocks, or are we signing up for pre-determined slots? Can I wear a bunch of buttons, each representing the items to which I am proficient?


Maybe we can incorporate some training after the ca meeting or do a ca wide train the trainer kinda deal? @BarkingChicken what do you think?

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I think its a good idea if people are willing to stay after.


Let me know what date and I’ll try and swing by for Thor stuff.


Sign me up too - I’d love to be involved/included in this.


You can pick a day. You can wear buttons but you must call them flair and wear a sign over your head that says Shenanigans.


We could do CA merit badges!

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I will wear the minimum amount of flair only. If you want me to wear more, then raise the minimum!


Doing only the minimum will not get you far!


Seems like a class series to me lol…sew your own sash

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I’ll share my flair with you, don’t let these meanies pick on you.

@BarkingChicken has a wonderful surprise