CA Monthly Audit for Consumables - June 2019

We’re coming up on our monthly committee meeting (this thursday (6/13/2019 at 7pm)), so I’m asking people to take a look around CA and let me know if any of our normal consumables need reordering.

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Tagging SIG leaders: @aneres, @edenblue, @jnorine, @maxk68, @kyrithia, @caryF300, @Claybell

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I’ll be up there tonight to take a look

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More felting needles wouldn’t be terrible. We are not out but the class did kill several in their newness. Fo sho need more scissors again…we only had one pair last I was up.

Message me an amazon link to the appropriate felting needles.

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Will do. I’ll be home soon and will check the stash closet for more of the patterned scissors. If I’m not out I can definitely donate another case again

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We need a couple of cans of repositionable adhesive for Dye Sub.

Can you use that at the space? It’s an aerosol propellant.

I sure hope so, since it is critical for dye sub decoration of shirts, and is used in screenprinting shirts, or at least something very similar is.

EDIT: Does anyone know the ordinance number for the spray paint ban? I can’t find it on Carrollton’s website.

When I first joined I was told it was the landlord or the board and lack of proper cabinetry…not the city? I have seen before where special dispensation is given for something like this where its integral to the process at the space.

Someone from the city came out recently and informed us that spray paints could not be used by businesses in Carrollton. That is the reason for the signs up around the 'Space. I believe they quote a $1,000 fine.

Well that’s vague

$2k fine to you not the space. This is definitely worth checking into.

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From @richmeyer

All I can tell you is that the City Code Enforcement Officers have told me that there will be a $2,000 fine for spray painting on the premises. The fine will not be for DMS to pay, but to the individual caught doing the painting. Hope you have a good hypothetical lawyer on your side.

Last Monday (or was it Tuesday) I saw the Code Enforcement Officer circling the building at 8:30 in the morning, I stopped him and had a chat. They are watching DMS due to our poor track record of staying within the law. Let’s just keep this topic simple. Suggest you do your spray painting elsewhere, not at DMS.

From @Diplomat

Cans of spray paint that have flammable propellant are what are banned by the City of Carrollton. This is not a rule created by DMS or the current DMS Board.

Adhesives or WD40 or brake cleaner are OK. It is an interesting law in terms of its vertical application.

Liquid paint or air brushes or compressed air paint sprayers are all still legal.

If you are the owner of any of the prohibited cans of spray paint please remove them from DMS.

That would exclude leaving them on the donation shelf as a way of “disposing” of them.

Throwing them in the dumpster is not a preferred disposal method either.

City of Dallas has disposal sites. I am not sure about other cities or towns.

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Sounds like they want something additional to nail people caught tagging buildings and other property with, so that’s fun. But on the good side adhesives are a-ok :slight_smile:


Check white and black vinyl just in case?

As are the fabric painting sprays I was looking at earlier today. The large stains from the citrus oil that soaked into the carpet left in the hallway when we ripped up the carpet in future-CA is rather odious. I remembered a rug-painting promo that I participated in a couple of years ago during roll-out of a product from Johnson Wax.

I played for Team DAFA (Dallas Area Fiber Artists) and we won the $10,000 group prize. But the PR company that Johnson hired totally sucked. And it doesn’t look like that particular product even exists anymore. I blame the PR company.

But… There are alternatives. We just have to choose colors darker than the original rug color. Which could be a challenge in and of itself…

tagging @MizGeek. We discovered yesterday that she did this project too.



We have several folks that teach needlefelting. I’d like to get their input before buying more. I’ll be doing a quick group pm and get back

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The only “major” consumable want for leather working at the moment is 1/8" double sided tape. I usually pick it up at Michaels or Amazon; I’m not really a fan of Tandy’s - but that’s really personal preference.

Many people asked for it, but I don’t think it ever got posted or if anyone even knows what it is.