CA help needed this Weekend (8/3 - 8/4)

I need some strong people to help move the remaining flat file out of old ca into new ca. Ideally this weekend.
We also need someone to remove our tv and remount it in ca.
Any takers? Pretty please?

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Where do you want to install the CA monitor in the new Space?

You want actual details? Jeez. :joy: @BarkingChicken have we found a space for it?

Ill see if I have any pvc pipe around. That I think will be the easiest way to move them.


I suggest in the printer room for Vinyl and Dye Sub and printer classes. Perfect size for those classes. Then a larger monitor for the CA main room in a place conductive to classes.

This is what I was thinking. Stan said we have a rolling cart with a tv we could use if we needed one for a class in ca proper.

The rolling cart is certainly avail, but care must be taken to ensure it is not required in the conference room until we get a monitor in there… And i need to get on that.

We need to add a document camera to the rolling cart to let people see up close on projects.

Have some in my Jeep I was going to cut up for bench top tool and bit holders. Can leave some in CA tmoro :+1:t3::rofl:

Um. You HAVE one that was sitting in the old conference room for a really long time, then moved to a pile in the new lobby, and is currently sitting on a pallet in the north warehouse.