CA has a possible hacking project

Creative Arts has a CNC kind of electronic cutter called a Silhouette Cameo. It’s pretty much a baby version of the big vinyl cutter, but can be used for paper, vinyl, thinner chipboard or leather and some fabrics. The one we have came without the software CD although I’m pretty sure that’s downloadable, but for image/font files and design capabilities, they require a monthly subscription to their Design Studio.

Is anyone interested in tryin to hack this thing?

I have no experience with the Cameo, but have 3 Cricut machines which are similar but operate either off of prepackaged image cartidges or you can import your own or purchased graphics and fonts through the Cricut version of Design Studio.

Fingers crossed!

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This one?

I think we can download the software here on the Silhouette America website.

Could you please clarify what capabilities we wouldn’t have without the monthly subscription? Their website says that the free downloadable software enables you to “Create designs and send to a Silhouette cutting machine”. Clearly this wouldn’t give access to their extensive library of designs, but it sounds like we could at least program our own designs …

But I’ve never used this machine so maybe I don’t understand.

Yep, the one we need hacked is a Silhouette Cameo.


What the Design Studio software subscription let’s you do is download their art and fonts for an additional fee per image, of course, and allows you edit, manipulate and modify those images, or your own Jpeg files or TrueType fonts in a very user friendly way. Welding, layering, scaling, adjusting the kerning between letters, merging fonts with images, etc. WITHOUT the ability to draw.


You also set the cut depth depth and number of cut passes, load/unload material and send a cut or cancel instruction from within the Design Studio.