CA 3-5-19 Committee Meeting Notes


I copied and pasted from Google and this is UGLY and hard to look at on here follow this link to find the notes from the meeting - will post to wiki when I have a second:

link to October 18 - March 19 CA financial summary thanks to @Webdevel for doing this for us

March 5, 2019: CA Meeting

In attendance:

Nicole Franczvai @uglyknees

Shay Galland @barkingchicken

Hayley Ochoa @heyheyhayley (new member)

David Kessinger @photomancer

Linda Wynne @Classielassie

Daniel Mejia @alwaysrockon (came for the food stayed for the laughs)

Paul Wilson @hardsuit

Cindy Holkan @sinless

Steve Wynne @lordrook

Astrud Aguirre @Print_Witch

Snacks: purchased from Walmart by nicole with DMS funds yogurt and fruit parfait

@38.14 = $3.82 each (plus lots of people standing around were fed)

Richard from expansion – talk

David came in to say a few things

“Our goal” Do the absolute minimum so we can use the building - ADA, electrical (phase 1)

So some committees can start setting up in larger spaces

Common room will roll out in phase 1 and CA (in entirety will go to common room. Sewing will wait on digital

How will it change for CA?

Door put thru (temporary)

As soon as door is put in digital media will move

Everything will be moved - sewing will be last to move

*Needing volunteers - schedule workday for CA

We could be in by end of March (phase one)

*Electronics - possibly to move it in as a sewing room

Talk to James Hennison * name to Shay when there is a date (not now)

Expansion Q&A

Current CA Funds: $27,608.85

David - rules will be changing to $50 to be reimbursed to individuals anything above will need chair approval. This change will take place…soon.

Make sure shipment will be noted in committee notes and why

Jorge did a report for us * will be attached printed for anyone to look at

Main information since October we’ve spent $4500 and “made” $2000

(this is just a snippet of the report by Jorge- full copy available)

Current Funds (3/4/2019) $ 27,608.85
Funds Available Gain/Loss for month Sewing Spent Sewing Gain
10/31/18 $ 27,789.34 $ 100.00
11/30/18 $ 26,890.15 -$899.19 $ 2,500.00 $ 200.00
12/31/18 $ 27,761.68 $1,076.46 Quickbooks shows $871.53 here $ - $ 200.00
1/31/19 $ 25,217.78 -$2,748.83 Quickbooks -$2,543.90 $ 1,356.00 $ 200.00
2/28/19 $ 27,288.48 $2,070.70 $ 622.00 $ 1,050.00

CA Feb in review

       Lots of sewing classes

       Lots of resin classes

       New leather SIG leader John

       Thank you to everyone who de-hoarded

CA March in review

Garage Sale *(put notice on craigslist Nicole) on the 23rd  

       Looking for volunteers

Selling services/time

Post on talk - Nicole

       Looking for donations to sell

Leather samples - bagged up and sold - David

       Another date to cleanup?

Committee reports

None in attendance

Sewing sent in email - 6 month projection

Leather sent in message - immediate needs and 6 month projection

Fibers sent over text and message - no immediate needs, classes going well, 6 month projection

Resin - needs two pressure pots now and sent 6 month projection

Committee 6 month projection

  • Fibers $550
    • $600 for the next 6 months
    • Approved unanimously
  • Leather $2-300 right now $2-300 in the next 3-5 months
    • Tonight’s order $240+ shipping/taxes
    • $600 for the next 6 months
    • Approved unanimously
  • Dye Sublimation $500-$1000 over the next 6 months
    • $1000 for Dye Sub for the next 6 months
    • Approved: 1 abst, 5 for, 0 against
  • Resin $1000-1500
    • 2 pressure pots asked for today
      • $250 approved unanimously
    • Is it ok to move into cosplay?
      • Approved unanimously
  • Sewing $5K
    • $1500 for room set-up expenses + reserve $3500 for future expenses pending continued SIG performance.
    • Unanimously approved
  • Printer - $15K (reported by John)
    • No motion.

Big decisions

  • John N would like to be added to the Tandy account
    • John K would like to also be added
      • Leave up to John N.
  • Loan, Gift, Give decision/vote for the expansion
    • Tabled for future discussion.
  • Vote for food for garage sale volunteers yes or no
    • $7 per person
    • Approved - 6 for, 1 abstaining

Expansion Needs

1.Demo a door in the front area of 102

1.1 Fix the air duct above the door

1.2 Finish out the wall where the door was removed

  1. Replace tiles and framework in a number of spaces in both 102 and 104

2.1 There will be a scissor lift on site for this

  1. Add the ADA push plates to the front door on 102

  2. Demo the sink area in 104

4.1 This is for the ADA water fountain, since we don’t have the fountain just yet this task is not an immediate need.

  1. Install the ADA water fountains in both 102 and 104

5.1 This is blocked until the fountains are ordered.

  1. Tape out each committees areas

6.1 This will be done post inspection, pre move in.

We also have a number of tasks for the electrician and other skilled trade roles that we will need to get estimates for before we can apply for the certificate. This process is currently underway and we will provide status as soon as we have the details.

If you would like to volunteer for the tasks please let team expansion know and we will procure the supplies for you and get the work scheduled. If you would like to volunteer for team expansion, please send your resume and contact info to the board.


Diamond Sewing Chisels: most of these are to either complete sets that have walked away/are broken; one is for the teaching sets, the rest are for the general use sets


1 tooth: $12.99 (Rocky Mountain Leather Supply)

4 tooth: $16.99 (Rocky Mountain Leather Supply)


1 tooth: $12.99 (Rocky Mountain Leather Supply)


1 tooth: $13.49 (

2 tooth: $14.99 (

4 tooth: $15.49 x 2 ( - this is to complete the teacher’s set as well as the one missing from General Use.


1mm black thread

.8mm white, mid brown, beige

$29.99 each (Rocky Mountain Leather Supply)


John James Saddler Needles - size 0 and size 2: $15.00 (Rocky Mountain Leather Supply)

$237.39 total (both offer free shipping)

What this does is give us the ability to be stocked for the foreseeable future. We will need to (at some point) purchase leather once our current supply runs out; this can be subsidized by the class fees we will charge.

We can put off any rolling cabinets (and I can investigate alternate methods - including building something) until after the move. That’ll leave just the 4 chairs we’ll need for SuperTable, but again - we can worry about that once the move is closer.

TL;DR - I can get Leatherworking down to $240 - but will be tough to do it any lower; that’s what we need to exist.


Sorry I won’t be able to attend this important meeting.

Please let me know when the expansion is expected to happen and what factors determine whether the sewing special interest group will become a committee in the next three months.

If we separate from CA before the expansion, will the board provide us with a bigger room than Digital Media? Will we receive budget to start the committee?

Since Sewing is bringing in $1200-1500 a month, will that amount be available when we are ready to buy materials for the expansion?

With regards to buying the supplies for the room, I believe this expansion is a perfect opportunity to upgrade the Sewing SIG. Attached are the layout of the room based on digital media’s dimension. If we were to buy the machine for embroidery and quilting, there will not be enough space. With that said, I hope the committee will agree to give us a bigger space if Sewing becomes a committee.

As mentioned previously, people come to the space for the equipment; we need the industrial machine and serger to attract new members and keep the current ones.

(this is a screenshot uploaded by Nicole - better copy available)


I’ll have a better summary of funds soon. I’ll be breaking down those funds by SIG/Area so we can see incoming/outgoing for everyone. I will need some help categorizing some areas though, as I don’t think they would fall under a specific SIG. Maybe those just get labeled CA General or something.


Thank you for all you did. You’re a numbers magician!