Buying some speckled and T-mix (with grog)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to try some specled and t-mix clay (the one with grog). Does anyone have? Happy to pay about $1 per lb for a few lbs of each

I know I have speckled buff and tmix. I’ll have to check if it’s t mix with grog and get back to you.

Thank you Monika!

My mix is without grog, sorry. Let me know if you still want some speckled buff.

Thanks Monika.

Can I try some of your speckled? Let me know when you plan to be at DMS next and I can meet you or send you some money to put them somewhere.



I’m teaching glazing tomorrow eve so I should be there about 4 or so on Wednesday through about 7pm. Is about 5 lbs enough?

That should be great!

I’m re-taking Liam’s ricebowl class at 7:00, can we meet then? Let me know if $1 per lb works for you.


Yes 7 is fine and so is $5. See you at 7 on Wednesday eve

Great, I’ll see you by the wheels.