Buying Padding or Foam

Good afternoon everyone,
I am working on a DIY project of creating my own Headboard. So I will need Fabric/ Plywood/ Foam Padding or cushion, and I wanted to ask advice to where to buy Foam Padding or cushion. In some youtube videos I have found they suggest using 2 mattress topper foam but those are 70 dollars each. Does anyone have a better more affordable option?

CC upholstery in Dallas should have it, but you tube is not wrong. Watching for a sale someplace like Kohl’s is the cheapest option. I got a queen size topper for $40 to redo our ottoman. Egg crate foam is another option but is hard for tufting

JoAnn’s has foam in several thicknesses.

This place is pretty awesome. They have discounted fabric, and foam, and a bunch of other stuff. They are worth checking out because the prices are amazing, but being a discount place they don’t “regular” inventory.

Edit: the foam is in the back and to the left.


Tried to find a better link to information but all I could find was the email they sent so here’s a screenshot.

Golden D’or is having their big clearance sale. I know I’ve seen foam there but not necessarily in the clearance room. Might be worth taking a look.

If it’s not the in the clearance room they just sent out an emailed coupon for 25% off regular priced stuff. So sign up for their email list.

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Go to Joann’s on Saturday. Prepackaged and by the yard foam is on sale for 60% off.


Side note:. Does anyone have a good place to recommend blackout fabric? Blackout as in complete blackout.

@Nagyk Best start a new thread for this topic. different people will see it that might not otherwise because this was about Foam.